After Class

Regina Scarlet's Introduction to Biology class was nearly over and everyone in her class was glad. It was Friday evening and the students had better things to do. There was talk around campus that one of the dormitories was having a party. The RA usually assigned there was, according to the rumor, going home for the weekend to babysit his cousins while his folks went out of town. There was no better time to plan for a little University fun. And all they had to do was finish this one last class...the final one of the day was always the longest and dreariest.

The class was a lecture hall, filled with sixty some students. In the far back there was some gizmos and other junk left over from the Science Fair that had been held last week. There were some trash cans distributed in random places. The windows of heaven had been thrust open and dumped an unrelenting torrent of rain last night. One of the basements one of the dorms was flooded up to knee deep. The roof in the classroom was leaking in a few places and the constant “plick, plick, plick, plick,” of the dripping resulted in the class droning on longer for some. Even worse, a lightning bolt had hit the air unit outside, leaving them with no air conditioning on a muggy, humid September afternoon. And being in a warm room with a bunch of people wasn't helping either. But, the students all endured another boring lecture from Ms. Scarlet despite all of these things.

It wasn't that Professor Scarlet was disliked by her pupils. She was a pretty woman, petite, and young and fresh with life. She had long, black hair and was always dressed in black. Her typical attire was a coat and slacks and a pair of leather low heels. A bright red ribbon scarf was in place of necktie. She was, as some of the students put it, “hot in a nerdy sense.” She was curved at her waist and her breasts were generous. There were a few taken with her “sexy nerd” looks, and, if they happened to have an glasses fetish then all the better. She wore a pair, with black frames of course, that she was always pushing up on her nose and added an extra shine to her blue eyes when she was under the ceiling lights glow. She had earned herself a few crushes amongst the university, both among the students and the male staff.

“Okay, everyone,” Professor Scarlet finished, fanning herself with a hand, a sheepish smile on her face that said 'Yeah, I don't really want to be here either,'. “We'll stop there. I'll see you all next week. Please remember to read chapter 23. There will be a quiz on 19, 20, 21, and 23 a week from today, so be prepared.”

The students barely heard anything past, “I'll see you.” They all knew that those words essentially meant that the class was dismissed and almost all of them tuned her out. Not that she really cared at the moment. She had shared in their discomfort today. Underneath her coat, she was sweating and her glasses kept threatening to fall off her face. On top of that, she really had to pee. She had spent the last few minutes sitting at her desk afraid that if she walked that she would squirm. So, as soon as she was done talking, she hurried out of the room.

Many of the students moved with the same speed, tossing their stuff into their bags and were out the door in seconds. Some, strayed, waiting for the rush for the door to clear before heading out themselves. Some wanted to ask Professor Scarlet about the upcoming quiz. Some just lollygagged and at least one person was asleep and hadn't woken up yet. Most of the class was soon gone, leaving roughly around fifteen students altogether. One of the pupils waiting for the return of the professor, a red head, stood in front of her desk, spinning a mechanical pencil in his hands. He accidentally spun it too fast and it flicked out his hands and bounced across his professor's desk. He went around to retrieve it.
At the back of the glass, a new patch of water had leaked through the roof and began to drip. It doused on one of the machines that had been in the fair that looked like a projector. Some of the rainwater ran down into it's vents and into the circuits inside and sparks began to appear inside. As more liquid dripped inside, a whirring sound began to emit from it. The students heard it and turned towards it. A loud crack was heard and the device discharged a beam...

Regina Scarlet stepped back into the hall, sighing relieved, and headed back to the classroom, polishing her glasses on her scarf as she went. She slipped them back on and then stopped at a water fountain for a drink. Her throat was a little raspy after talking for a little over an hour. Also, she needed to replenish some of the water that she had sweated out in the classroom. She was really gross right now and she needed some cool air. But, she had to stay behind for a while. She had things to take care of before leaving and her office had no power right now. So, it was better to just hang in the classroom.

She heard no sounds as she approached the door. As expected, the class had already cleared out. She opened the door and went in.


Lauren Presley, no relation to the King, heard a loud cranking noise behind her.

She whipped around and saw Professor Scarlet walk in through the door. The massive woman paused in the doorway, fanning herself with her hand.

“Ugh...” She said, her voice echoing loudly. Lauren, an English major with a liking of mythology, wondered if that's what Hera would sound like to the Greeks. “I'm so disgusting...I can't wait to get home. The first thing I get there is take a long shower...”

She raised a foot, her hands moving up. Lauren never saw what she was planning to do with him, because a giant low heeled shoe blocked her vision. She opened her mouth to scream, but disappeared under the sole.

Professor Scarlet unbuttoned her coat and slide it off, revealing the white blouse that she was wearing underneath it. She fanned herself with the collar for a moment, then noticed that her glasses were sliding off her nose again. She pushed them up and then wiped her brow with her sleeve. Tanner Gunnels and Ryan Dunks were trying to get away from the leather low heels that had almost turned them to paste, but as they fled beads of sweat rained down and splashed on the linoleum floor. It was like at one of those water parks where there was a massive bucket filled up with water and as it reached its zenith, began to tilt to dump a tidal wave of water on the guests. Except this was much more powerful and the rushing waters drowned both of the students.

Gregory Blair, the red head, was awed to silence. He was staring up at his massive professor as she wiped her brow. Without her coat in the way, her feature were much more visible. The blouse defined her curves better and her boobs made well sized bulges from under it. He had taken this class because he had heard from a buddy that Professor Scarlet was the hottest prof on the campus and, while she was boring as fuck, as most science profs are, her attitude was likeable and she was good to look at. She actually very nice to listen to. Gregory had been surprised when he was actually able to remember what she said at the first quiz. Perhaps it was because he had been watching those lips so closely.

Professor Scarlet draped her coat over her desk and went to the chair. She paused when she saw the mechanical pencil lying on the cushioned seat. She hadn't been using one and there hadn't been one to slip out of her pocket. So, how did it get there.

Gregory waved like crazy as his professor's eyes were staring down at him. She was looking directly at him! That confused look in her eye! She was wondering what had happened to him, he was sure of it!

“Professor Scarlet!” He cried. “Down here! Help me out! Please!”

She must have heard him because she raised a hand. Her fingers began to extend to him. He drew in a deep breath and prepped himself for the grab. He felt her body heat as he fingers neared. His heart began to race as he waited for her grip to squeeze him.

He felt motion behind him. Then, the heat was gone. He felt nothing more. He opened his eyes.

Professor Scarlet was straightening back to her full height, his massive mechanical pencils in her fingers. She held it up to her eyes and looked at it curious. She hadn't even seen him. His dark hoodie that he was wearing blended in perfectly with the seat's color. The giantess professor shrugged and dropped the pencil onto the desk and turned. She reached behind herself and untucked her blouse. She sighed and Gregory felt a warm draft of air as the heat that had been trapped under her clothes escaped. Her hands then went to the top of the chair and she wheeled it towards the back of her knees.

Gregory cried out his professor's name as she began to lower herself to sit down.

Regina reached up as she sat on the cushiony seat, meaning to unbutton the top few buttons, she really had to ventilate some, when she paused, thinking. Harold Garfield had been leaning across his prof's desk, meaning to look at something, when he found himself standing on it's surface. Right now, his mouth was wide open as the largest pair of boobs he had witness in his college life settled themselves into his view, bouncing a little as Ms. Scarlet sat.

The biology professor remembered that there was a small electric fan in one of the cabinets in the back of the room. Man, that would have been good information about an hour ago! Well, it was probably for the best, she probably would have had to share it with the students. But, with them gone, she could hog it all to herself. She stood up and headed to the back of the room.

Gregory gasped as the weight was lifted off him. He had been screaming as she came down, and his inhaling had been but cut off when her bum landed on him. Had she not gotten right back up, he probably would have died.

The professor strolled across the classroom, fanning herself with her hand as she went. Angelia Cobbs dropped to her knees and covered her head. The ground shook violently, with booms that were louder than any thunder she had ever heard. Thomas Lark tried to run over to her to drag her under the safety of a chair, but good tremor from Professor Scarlet's left foot sent him sprawling and her right foot squashed him and Angelia.

Ms. Scarlet reached the cabinets and knelt down to open one. Then she gasped and stood back up. Six members of the University's football team yelled up to her. They had sat next to each other during the lecture and had been heading out as a group to practice. Now, they stood before a goddess that, only minutes ago, had merely been attractive biology professor Regina Scarlet, who loved a lot of animals, which wasn't too surprising, given her profession. But bugs had never been on her soft side.

She raised a foot and brought it down on Scott Rock, the quarterback.

“Holy fuck!” Raymond Gordon cried. “She's doesn't...!”

A shadow loomed over him and a massive low heeled shoe appeared where he had been standing. This sent stomp's air sent the other four members bouncing like jumping beans across the floor. They were used to getting the shit kicked out of them in a game and they got back to their feet. Three went for the small space beneath the cabinets. The others went for the nearby chairs. Professor Scarlet lifted her right foot stomped the group heading for the cabinets, the massive shockwave tumbling the other group. The professor heard a loud, gross squish as the bugs met their end under her foot.

“Nothing personal,” She said to herself. “I'm just not in the mood.”

The other three members began running again. The massive professor turned to them, her hair waving. The football members found themselves suddenly being pelted with large drops of sweat falling from their professor's body. One of them was hit dead on, the impact alone bending him in half, splitting his spine. The others were swept in a wash of Regina's perspiration. With her targets unable to move, the professor lifted her foot and crushed the remaining football players in three good stomps. She ground them into the floor, making sure they were dead. She brought up her foot behind her and saw their bodies stuck to her sole. She made a disgusted sound a wiped them off with a scrap of paper lying near the science fair displays and then tossed it away.

She got the fan from out of the cabinets and went back to her desk. There was a power strip next to her chair and she plugged in the electric fan and set it down.

Gregory screamed again as the massive woman lowered herself again. He remembered what had happened last time, and inhaled deeply. The next moment he his face was full of the cloth of the seat of her pants as her butt landed on the cushion. He tried to hold his breath, desperately hoping that he would be able to last until she stood up again. But there was no such luck. Professor Scarlet wiggled herself in the chair to get comfortable, which effectively smooshed the poor man.

Professor Scarlet untied her scarf and laid it over near her coat. Then, she reached for the top buttons and began to undo them, one by one. Slowly, Harold's eyes bugs as the massive mountains of cleavage slowly opened up to him. She stopped at the third button, the tops of her breasts now exposed completely. The edges of her white, laced bra was also open. A massive hand was raised and if fanned the cyclopean mounds of flesh. A bead of sweat traced down the line of her neck and found it's way slowly down between her breasts.

A lock of her hair fell before Harold Garthfield as she leaned forward to turn on the fan. He reached out and picked up one of her hairs, which was the size of one of those big black tubes he'd seen at construction zones. He sniffed it deeply. A trace of the shampoo she had used that morning was still there and it was heavenly. He smiled to himself.

The professor powered the fan to full blast and sighed in relief as a strong cool breeze blew against her. She felt the current blow gently against her breasts, cooling them down. Harold suddenly found himself being dragged with the air he was holding as the fan blew it. Out of instinct, he tightened his grip and he flew off the desk. The hair stuck against her skin as it landed on the damp breasts. Professor Scarlet reached for the mechanical pencil she had found and picked it up. She began to write, her arms movement sending a slight bounce on her bosom. The movement caused Harold to be caught in a slide of her perspiration that led him to being swept down between her breasts.

He struggled and struggled, but against the greased slide, that only made him sink faster as if he was in quicksand. He was sent down and down between the flesh before darkness swallowed him. He could no longer breath.

Professor Scarlet put down the pencil and just enjoyed the cool breeze of the fan. She brought her face close to it, cooling off her forehead and her the rest of her head. Then, she picked up Harold's mechanical pencil and went back to work.

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